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June 04, 2005


Walt Jaschek

Good story. I can SOOOOOOO relate! Stick with your known stylist, do not "cheat" on him or her with another stylist. You'll end up paying for it, one way or another! Oh, what a sitcom episode the whole concept of "cheating on your stylist" would make. In fact, I think I'll write it.

See my historic haircut, and my friends' funny reactions to it, here:

-- Walt

Sam's Darling Wife

I so completely understand! Why is finding a good stylist that listens to what YOU want harder than finding the right mate? :-)


I have a lady in Billings who has been doing a great job with my hair. I discovered her after spending the last twelve years letting anyone cut it. Well, not ANYone - but pretty close.

I paid more for "styling" when I was in High School - thirty years ago!


Ah.... I have also been "weed-whacked" at the salon to which you refer.... I came out with a shaggy layered 'do that made me resemble the hairy red tennis-shoed monster in the Marvin the Martian cartoons.... stick with your friend or head over to the other place in town that uses Aveda stuff.

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