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December 03, 2004


Sam's Darling Wife

As cruel as it may sounds this is just the nature of the beast. I went through it with one girl and the other girl is just starting to go through. With the first one I just told her a realized that she was upset and that she didn't want to talk about it but that there was other ways to handle it than to cry and stomp. Then I would explain the hormone thing and all girls go through it. With the second she doesn't cry but yells at the top of her lungs about nothing but it is basically the same thing. I just tell her that she needs to sit down and rest for a while and that usaully helps.

I know none of that will solve your problem but I guess what I am saying is sometimes you need to think about the individual girl and their persinality to see what the best way is to handle it. I know that also gets tricky but it is usually the best course of action.

Hope all of this babbling has helped in some way! :-)


Its about time someone invented a drug to shut moody girls up. Most girls DO NOT get these extreme emotional changes in puberty, and I would hazard a guess that whilst the hormonal changes may amplify a problem, there is another problem underlying it.

But I say that as a guy.

I would say, get the girls out the classroom so you can teach the people who are there. Harsh, maybe. Fair, definitely.


Oh, its painfully delightful. The magic of it is (in my clueless opinion) that there is little you can or should do. Didnt we all learn by banging our heads against the wall and the pain we gave ourselves? Still, I imagine it would be difficult to watch. (ps - Greetings from Maine!)

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