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October 05, 2004




I was going to tell you to ripen them in a paper sack, but sounds like you already knew that. The one year I was able to get tomatoes to ripen on the vine here, the deer ate the entire plant.


If you want to ripen green tomatoes and you have a lot, wash them in water with a little bleach in it, dry, wrap in newspapers and place in a box in a cool, dark place. They may not be as good as vine ripened but they will be every bit as good as any you can buy in the store.


Thanks for the hints. We've done the paper sack trick for a week and some of the tomatoes are ripening, but we're actually starting to see the green tomatoes as kind of an exotic delicacy. We might even start a tomato plant late next year just to have plenty of greenies for the recipes we're discovering!


This guy (Tony)'s amazing! As good in the kitchen as Spencer (my favorite detective).


I'm a little behind on some of my reading but I saw this and just had to ask if there's a branch of Front Street Market up there in Helena.... or do you come to Butte for all your Red Pepper Jelly needs? That spread looks really good.

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