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June 07, 2004


Sarpy Sam

You got it right the first time. It is just outdated and hasn't been removed from the books.


Isn't there still a law on the books here in Montana to hang horse thieves?


The powerful Rubella Lobby is responsible.


There are similar laws on the books in many states, although many of them have been removed. Many states still require blood type testing, supposedly for the same purpose - checking for blood compatibility and Rh factor compatibility, should offspring arise. God save you if you show up for your marriage license pre-impregnated!

Currently in Wisconsin and Iowa you do not need any additional lab testing to devote your eternal love to someone, as long as they are of the opposite sex. An interesting idea is currently being bandied about in the Iowa legislature requiring several hours of pre-marital counselling for anyone choosing to tie the knot. Something about this concerns me, however. The idea that the state can change a lifetime of irresponsible behavior patterns in 3 hours of mandated marriage counsel seems a waste of taxpayer monies to me, although much less of a waste than rubella screening. All women are tested for rubella immunity with standard prenatal care. In this regard, they would be much better served by using the tax dollars from the rubella screening service and pushing them into programs to increase prenatal care for all mothers, not just those with husbands.

Dammit, I'm turning into a liberal.

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