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May 17, 2004


Sarpy Sam

Going Postal is about right in my case. Literally. I have a PO box in town and only get the mail about once a week. It accumulates so much that it all doesn't fit in the box. Then I am forced to beg, literally I've been on my knees before, to get them to give me my mail. Sometimes they won't and tell me "you should pick it up more often" and then they just walk away. So hearing the postal service is great doesn't fly well with me.

Don't let my sour grapes spoil your happiness though. I just have to occasionally vent on this subject.


Vent away! I bet a lot of stuff clogging your mailbox (and mine) is junk mail that the post office subsidizes. But I hope that most of the important stuff finds its way to you, by mail or internet, or in the case of your bulls, by trailer.

Kevin & Auree

So where is the best place to get a mailbox, besides the USPS. I have heard that there is only one place in town that is like a "Mailboxes, etc." What do you recommend for someone living in a hotel that needs a permanent address?

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