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May 26, 2004



Yes, it's too bad that circumstances (like living in a small apartment) often dictate the kind of dog you can have. I've always wanted a Newfoundland, but it's so hot and humid here most of the time, that I think it would be cruel.

Off topic, but related to urban dwellers and their pets, we had an interesting thing happened the other day. A young French woman from Paris was at the house; she noticed a bird on the feeder outside the window and asked if the bird was our pet. I thought that was odd, but it occurred to me that maybe if you live in the center of a large city you wouldn't be used to things being wild. (Or maybe I just misunderstood her!)


Thanks for the pics. :-)

We always had at least one large dog when I was growing up. I love Weimaraners and would like adopt one some day. But for now, our Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix is enough! She has the dominant personality from the Husky side combined with the brains of a collie. But she is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for.

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