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May 27, 2004



We have one in Kalispell, pricey but good. However I thought when they said they had Starbucks coffee I thought they meant a little Starbucks shop where you can buy tons of expensive coffee crap.

But no. Just regular Starbucks coffee. Everybody was thrilled until they got there and was disappointed.


We missed the exit last time to the Three Forks bakery. We'll be going through the first part of Oct. (traveling West) and don't want to miss it this time. Please let us know exit number.
Thanks, Helen

Joan McKinley

What is the price of your 50# bag of hard wheat kernels?

Joyce Hauber

Where can I buy your flour? I live in Utah; but bought you flour while traveling in Montana and it made the best bread I've ever made.

Jolene and Dave Wachowicz

Hi there, we have just purchased several acres in Three Forks and plan on retiring there in the next 8 years... This was our first visit to your place of business and we loved our meal!!! I say, keep it all simple, that's the beauty of it!!!!

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