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  • El Gulch
    A Lower Willamette blog by a native Helenan about his mental wanderings and adventures in nomadic hedonism.
  • Full Fathom Five
    A Presumpscot Blog from a Maine writer.
  • Lewis and Clark: What Else Happened
    A Lower Mississippi-New Orleans blog about what else happened in America while Lewis & Clark explored the West.
  • Local Diner
    Celebrating authentic food from the Continental Divide and beyond, from Montana roadhouses to Maine lobster shacks.
  • Rationalists Wearing Sombreros
    A Jordan River blog by another couple who came back to the mountains.
  • Stay of Execution
    A Casco Bay Blog by our wonderful blogmother--and matchmaker--about law and life.
  • Windsend
    A Presumpscot blog by a sailmaker extraordinaire.
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April 05, 2004



This is the coolest thing ever. EVER. Nice work. :D


This is incredibly complex and ambitious! Hope you get lots of feedback! (Lots of bloggers in Montana.)


I like it, this is a great idea!

I would send a query to Craig(, he probably has a pretty good idea where most of the unchannelled blogs are located.


I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this project! :)

I like the idea of watersheds for location.

As to the unchannelled ones, some of these I know, others are best guesses.

100% Columbian: Upper Missouri/New Zealand
An Offering...: Most likely Stillwater
Completely Random: I'm guessing Middle Clark Fork
In Sheep's Clothing: Teton/Relocated to the Carolinas (North, I think)
John Clayton: Judith
Watermark: I'm just guessing, but Lower Yellowstone
Wulfgar!: is a Gallatin blog

You can also put me as an honorary watcher of the Madison watershed. ;)

If you need any help with this, just let me know what I can do.

Big Sky Dave

Way cool - thanks!


What a cool idea! My blog hails from Stillwater County by the Yellowstone River so I guess I have an Upper Yellowstone blog.


Absolutely terrific idea!


I'm not sure why I re-listed Wulfgar when you already had him in your list...

Mea culpa.


Thanks so much for adding my blog Random Musings to your site. It is really cool to have this kind of support. Your dedication and effort is completely awesome!


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